Editorial - Lower Energy Costs: State Program Helps Communities Save Electricity - NNY360

Editorial – Lower Energy Costs: State Program Helps Communities Save Electricity – NNY360

Residents and small businesses across upstate New York can save money on their energy needs by encouraging their municipal governments to take advantage of the state’s initiative.

The Community Choice Aggregation Program, overseen by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, allows cities and villages to tap into their collective resources for electricity. This would save them money by stabilizing energy prices for one to three years.

Despite the benefits, the town of Champion and the village of West Carthage are the only municipalities in the north of the country that benefit from the programme. Other communities, though, are exploring CCA.

The Community Choice Aggregation service allows villages and towns to get lower electricity prices by taking advantage of the combined purchasing power of residents and small businesses. Low prices are locked in for a set period of time from 1 year to 36 months even if market volatility drives up electricity prices and every resident is automatically registered and operated with the ability to opt out at any time. The National Grid continues to provide power through its physical network, maintains power lines and handles any outages,” According to a story published on Wednesday by the Watertown Daily Times,. “The process of setting up a CCA or a community solar program is not fast. The two municipalities passed local ordinances in December 2020, but they still didn’t get new lower rates through the program,…although part of the delay was due to The extended state approval period for local laws by the Ministry of Public Service.”

Scott M. Porto, mayor of western Carthage, said he learned about the CCA at the New York City Council of Mayors conference several years ago. Champion and West Carthage use Good Energy LP to administer the program.

“The community choice group allows local elected officials to choose the source of energy for their community,” according to the NYSERDA fact sheet on CCA. “It is a bulk energy purchase program for nearly all homes and small businesses within the participating jurisdiction. CCA can allow entire communities to participate in the clean energy economy by ensuring that a greater proportion of their electricity comes from renewable sources. CCA has the potential to offer both fixed-rate electricity prices and energy Cleaner for your ingredients at once.”

The village of Canton and both the town and village of Potsdam have also begun to consider benefiting from the CCA. Some communities in Lewis County expressed interest, although few officials said they were interested in making such choices for their constituents.

The fact is that residents and companies may opt out of the program if they wish. Therefore, it is in the interests of municipalities to explore the advantages of the CCA and to allow their constituents to participate in discussions about whether they should adopt it.

The Times article stated that “after passing the local law required to participate in the pooling program, Good Energy hosted a number of online information sessions to educate residents and businesses about the program.” “With guidance from Good Energy, West Carthage and Champion also created a community solar program that could be set up more quickly, thus ensuring that municipalities were eligible for a $5,000 grant that was about to be phased out by the state. Unlike a collection program, members must The community ‘subscribe’ to receive automatic 10% savings from electricity through a relationship with the NextAmp community solar project in Ogdensburg.”

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