As summer approaches, Pacific Power offers tips for preparing for wildfire season, plans for next webinar - KTVZ

As summer approaches, Pacific Power offers tips for preparing for wildfire season, plans for next webinar – KTVZ

Portland, OR. (KTVZ) — As the weather turns to summer, Pacific Power is encouraging customers to prepare for wildfire season. Fire weather conditions, such as severe drought accompanied by summer storms or active wildfires, may lead to power outages for safety reasons.

“We are building our system to be more resilient over the long term — for all seasons and weather conditions — and deliver value to our customers for decades to come,” said Curtis Mansfield, senior vice president of authority and delivery. “We are investing nearly half a billion dollars across our system in wildfire mitigation strategies over the coming years. This includes around-the-clock reporting of weather conditions; rebuilding parts of the network with equipment updates; and using technology to monitor the system, while increasing inspections and cover maintenance Vegan on our lines.”

Even as electricity providers partner with federal, state, and local agencies to plan and prepare for wildfire season, preparedness is a shared responsibility. Useful information is available to help each customer take steps to plan ahead and prepare for power outages associated with wildfires.

Webinar on Safety and Wildfire Preparedness

Pacific Power invites you to learn more about its bushfire mitigation plans During a webinar on forest fire safety and preparedness on Monday, June 13, 3-4 p.m., company representatives will share progress on forest fire safety work, including strengthening the system Enhancing and expanding vegetation management practices. Situational awareness. There will be a question and answer session after the show. Questions can also be emailed to

Register for the webinar

stay informed

Customers can take steps to ensure that they receive information related to wildfires.

  • Log in to your account and make sure all contact information is up to date. In this way, Pacific Power can send alerts and messages.
  • In addition to having a backup plan with medical providers, customers who rely on electricity to store medications or operate medical equipment at home must register with the provider. Medical Certificate Program To receive proactive communications about outages.

Make a blackout kit

  • Set up a home blackout kit in the event of a massive fire that causes a power outage. Be sure to include shelf-stable food, water for family members, pets and any livestock, necessary medicines, light bulbs, batteries, and car or solar chargers for electrical appliances. Keep bags of ice or frozen water in the freezer to help keep food cold until ice is available.
  • Companies must prepare to minimize disruptions, keep employees safe, and protect equipment. Outage kits should include flashlights or camp lights for all areas, including bathrooms, battery powered or battery powered radios for information, battery powered fans, extra batteries, car chargers for cell phones and electrical appliances, and bottled water and emergency phone numbers.

We have a plan

  • Consider moving options with a friend, family member, or shelter, especially if there is a medical condition, medication, or equipment that requires electricity.
  • Businesses must communicate an outage response plan to key employees, plan alternative solutions for computers and cash registers, and develop a plan to bypass electronic door locks.
  • Homes and businesses should consider purchasing backup generators and follow manufacturers’ safety guidelines.
  • Make a plan to water the livestock if the well pumps are without electricity.
  • Learn how to open and close electric garage doors and security gates.
  • Learn how to protect your home and business electronics and appliances from sudden data loss and damage when power is restored.

Information, resources and checklists

  • Pacific Power customers can visit for resources and information including an outage preparation checklist for home and business customers, an interactive map outlining potential power shutdown areas for public safety and the company’s 2022 fire protection plan.


About Pacific Power

Pacific Power provides electrical service to more than 770,000 customers in Oregon, Washington and California. Our goal is to provide our customers value for their energy dollars, safe and reliable electricity. Pacific Power is part of Pacificcorp, one of the lowest-cost electricity producers in the United States, with 1.9 million customers in six western states. For more information visit

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