Wayfair's #1 Store, Timber Prices Drop & More - Business from Home

Wayfair’s #1 Store, Timber Prices Drop & More – Business from Home

Dramatic, ephemeral and elusive, this season Broadway groups are their own attraction for some theater-goers – now, the designers behind many of the current onstage environments share how they brought each space to life. Whatever happens next, stay tuned with our weekly roundup of headlines, releases, events, recommended reading and more.

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Italian lighting brand Foscarini has acquired German lighting company Ingo Maurer. Foscarini will acquire 90 percent of the shares of Ingo Maurer, while retaining the remaining 10 percent Sarah Utermuhlen—daughter of a German designer Ingo Maurer, who founded the eponymous studio in 1966. Maurer, who passed away in 2019, left a legacy in the design world for essential creations such as the oversized lampshade in the shape of a lamp, now part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art. Foscarini founder Carlo Urbinati In a statement, he said the company plans to preserve the integrity of the historic brand, “with the specific goal of preserving its distinctive traditions, values ​​and expressions.”

Wayfair has opened its first brick-and-mortar retail location for its AllModern home brand in Lynfield, Massachusetts. Connected to a matching AllModern app, the space features free design services, free delivery, assembly and installation. Later this year, the company also plans to bring its Joss & Main brand to its physical retail space in Burlington, Massachusetts, with the remaining three brands Wayfair, Birch Lane and Perigold over the next two years.

Sawn timber futures and timber prices drop instantly, The Wall Street Journal ReportsHigher interest rates continue to deflate markets that have boomed during the pandemic. After hitting a high of $1,334 in early March, timber futures are down 52 percent to $695.10 per 1,000 feet of panel last week, while cash-sales prices for lumber are down 12 percent. The decline can be attributed in part to a slowdown in construction, with single-family home completions, job starts and building permits each April, according to the Census Bureau. At the same time, buyers of building products have reached more normal inventory levels due to improved supply chain conditions and lower demand for new homes with increased mortgage rates.

Older members of Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2012, are beginning to enter the housing market, accounting for 10 percent of homebuyers across America’s 50 largest metro areas in 2021 — despite a rise in remote work and rising interest rates. That affects the exact place they put the roots. according to New York times, a report by the online lending market LendingTree revealed that many young homebuyers are seeking mortgages in mid-sized cities, with Salt Lake City; Louisville, Kentucky; Oklahoma City took the top three spots for borrowers to flock to, while coastal cities San Jose, California; New York and San Francisco occupy the last three places.

Ikea will start selling residential solar panels in the US this fall, Apartment treatment reports, to extend the offer to members of the free customer loyalty program in select California markets. The move will be carried out in partnership with residential solar technology company SunPower, which will help customers design and install a complete solar power system for their homes. The offer is currently in 11 markets in Europe, where buyers have the ability to track their energy use and resell excess electricity – after the California rollout, Ikea plans to offer the service to additional locations in the US.

Tom ConleyHe, who has served as president and CEO of High Point Market Authority for the past 11 years, announced that he will retire at the end of the year. Conley will succeed the organization’s current chief operating officer, tammy starwho has been with the Market Authority since its inception more than 20 years ago and will take up the new position on January 1, 2023.

Launch and Collaboration

Apple TV + caught the second season of the docuseries residenceWhich will premiere on June 17th. The Emmy-nominated program offers an in-depth look at innovative homes around the world, with each episode in season two dedicated to different insights behind iconic properties in France, Mexico, South Africa, Iceland and more.

Wayfair's #1 store, timber prices drop and more

Bobby Burke outside the property he designed in Palm Desert, now available as a listing on AirbnbCourtesy of Airbnb

Bobby BurkeNetflix’s design expert and host strange eye He lists his recently renovated Palm Desert home on Airbnb and is celebrating the launch by offering a two-night stay for $22 each. The property, called Casa Tierra, has seven bedrooms, covered balconies, a pool, and a hot tub, all located 30 minutes from nearby Palm Springs, California.

Quartz countertops producer Cambria has partnered with home furnishings retailer Room & Board for a new addition to a collaboration series that originally began in 2020. Launching for the first time in June, it will include six new Cambria countertop designs intended for seven room and board bathrooms. Vanity sets, plus the brand’s Amherst range of storage cabinets and kitchen islands.

Semihandmade home remodeling has teamed up with Caesarstone to provide customers with the brand’s own quartz countertops products for their own cabinets. Through the Caesarstone Connect platform, customers will be connected to local manufacturers who will measure and install Caesarstone countertops to fit semi-manufactured items by hand. The debut coincides with the launch of Semihandmade’s Marketplace – a new one-stop shop where customers can browse semihandmade cabinet fronts, Caesarstone countertops, decorative hardware from brands like Rejuvenation, bathroom accessories from Hawkins New York and more.

Suggestions for reading

With both renovation projects becoming increasingly popular and binge-watching during the pandemic, so too has home renovation offerings—and with this increase came a host of allegations of “incompetence, neglect, and shoddy construction” from various homeowner participants. for New York timesAnd the Debra Kamen He talks to the former contestants, who are now free from (or ignoring) the confidentiality agreements that have kept their frustrations largely in the dark, about the complaints and lawsuits they’ve brought against home networks since they appeared on such shows.

In Hudson, New York, when a former city councilwoman and anti-improvement activist — who helped pass local legislation restricting short-term rents — listed her private properties on Airbnb in early 2022, a scandal ensued. The move sparked outrage among residents of the city, which, when the epidemic first emerged in 2020, became the metro area with the largest influx of new residents in the country. for CurbAnd the Cleo Chang He delves into the drama and explains why it might be a microcosm of a larger conversation about the regulation of short-term rentals unfolding in the coming years.

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The Institute of Architecture and Classical Arts has announced the winners of the 2022 Arthur Ross Awards for Excellence in the Classical Tradition. This year’s winners include California-based Appleton Partners LLP in the Architecture category; John Danzer From garden furniture store Munder-Skiles in the Crafts & Crafts category; Los Angeles-based Susan Reinstein & Associates in the Interior Design category; Wales, UK Arne Maynard Garden Design in the Landscape & Horticultural Design category; based in London Timothy Smith And the Jonathan Taylor In the education category. Headquartered in New York Barry Bergdol In the history and writing category. For the full list of winners, click over here.

Wayfair's #1 store, timber prices drop and more

The gold-medal-winning garden designed by Ruth Wilmot of Morris & Co.Courtesy of Morris & Co.

Morris & Company Garden and its designer, Ruth Willmott, was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, the event’s highest honor. Includes winning design William MorrisHis adoration for native plants blends with British gardening, complete with woven fences, laser-cut pavilion and Yorkstone tiles, all made by artisans.

Entry request

Ageless Living Collaborative is now accepting applications for the Senior Living Design Scholarship sponsored by Samuelson Furniture. The competition awards $10,000 to a senior living design student, with the goal of encouraging evidence-based design and better outcomes for seniors. For more information or to place an order, click over here.

In memory of

Colin Forbes, graphic designer and co-creator of the design organization Pentagram, has died at the age of 94. according to New York timesin 1972, Forbes joined with Alan FletcherAnd the Theo Crosby And the Mervyn Kurlansky To start the company, which would serve as a cross between a boutique firm and a large Madison Avenue-type operation, prioritizing a structure that prioritizes collaboration and technical independence in equal parts. Building on Forbes’ business acumen and direction, the company became a force in the industry, forming partnerships with brands such as Jack Daniel’s, Great Western Railway ticket hall in Paddington Station in London and Shakespeare in the Park in New York. “Throughout most of his long and astonishingly successful career in graphic design, Forbes has focused his remarkable energies on no less than the design practice itself. This makes him a designer in an entirely special sense,” reads a statement in remembrance.

Homepage photo: Inside the Palm Desert property in Bobby Berk, now listed on Airbnb | Courtesy of Airbnb

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