Ex-Lumio CEO Leaves Solar for Something Greener - GlobeNewswire

Ex-Lumio CEO Leaves Solar for Something Greener – GlobeNewswire

LEHI, Utah, May 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The decentralized council and community leaders supporting green blockchain today announced the appointment of Jonathan Gibbs as President of Set Power Free, an independent decentralized organization focused on further development of products and services designed to advance the green ecosystem. For the first 120 days, Gibbs and Set Power Free will focus on the development and global release of Green PowerPay™, a service that enables users to pay their energy bill (up to $200) using GREEN – the digital asset of the Green Blockchain. Users who sign up for Green PowerPay can earn additional digital rewards every time they pay their energy bill with Green.

Jonathan will partner with Nerd United DAO LLC (“NERD”), the global decentralized community of blockchain developers, to bring PowerPay to market and to continuously develop and master the core technology that underpins the Green Blockchain project. “I am very happy to have dedicated Nerd’s resources to communicating directly with Mr. Gibbs and his team,” said Tom Karen, chief technology officer at NERD. “This is an exciting project, and I will be personally overseeing some of the new design and development of the core technology that will help power the green blockchain.”

“We look forward to working directly with Mr. Gibbs to help create PowerPay™ – a one-of-a-kind blockchain product that will make using Green fast, easy and affordable,” said Travis Cook, President of NERD. Jonathan is an inspiring leader with a clear advantage in seeing how Green can change the world. The impact and vision of his work is already evident. We look forward to playing a role in the expansion and development of Green.”

Mr. Gibbs is an experienced CEO, early adopter of crypto mining, and a recognized thought leader and innovator in the renewable energy sector. He is the co-founder, deal architect, and former CEO of Lumio, one of the most successful residential solar and software platforms in the United States. Lumio is known for having some of the fastest install times in the industry at large while creating a higher standard for the home experience.

“Bitcoin pioneered transforming electricity into a convertible digital asset in 2008. However, today Bitcoin is entirely dependent on expensive hardware that requires significant energy consumption, and is potentially unsustainable – making it nearly impossible for everyday enthusiasts to support Bitcoin. Blockchain. Green is the next evolution. Green is software that can run on multiple personal computing devices to perform the same digital transformation of energy as Bitcoin,” said Mr. Gibbs. “The green community has developed a global platform that makes it easy and achievable for anyone around the world to support the Green Blockchain mission.”

Jonathan is a visionary who inspires innovative products, services and business models. On Lumio, his latest venture, Jonathan grew the company to $1 billion in just 18 months, then sold it using a new deal structure that held 95% of the equity for Lumio employees.

Jonathan chose to leave his solar energy career to join the Green Blockchain project after carefully reviewing the inspirational mission. He explains, “I believe Green is on its way to fundamentally changing global energy markets. For the first time ever, power can be decoupled from the grid to enable the global exchange of value through a range of delivery options. This is a mission that will help millions of families around the world, Including families who live without daily access to reliable energy,”

In a recent interview, Jonathan declared his personal belief that Green is the first global platform to disrupt and fundamentally change the global energy market in a meaningful way by saying, “In much the same way, Voice over Internet Protocol, or VOIP, has fundamentally changed the global communications market, and will disrupt Green Energy markets by disconnecting electricity from the grid. He continues, “The average household around the world was paying $100-$200 a month for long-distance services. And when we learned to convert sound waves into data, it opened up countless faster and cheaper distribution options by making use of cellular cable, and satellite technology. Today. Long distance is free, but the average electricity bill around the world is $100-$200 per month. The technology is already there to map the free energy like we did with sound. It’s going to happen.”

Elon Musk, a firm believer in blockchain technology, began accepting Bitcoin for payment at Tesla and then in a very unpopular move announced that the company would no longer accept Bitcoin due to the environmental impact of the Bitcoin mining network. Since early 2021, Musk has made it clear that a better alternative must be developed. In an apparent reference to Musk, Gibbs stated, “An alternative to Bitcoin has already been around and has been in the works for years. If Tesla is committed to having a so-called green alternative to Bitcoin mining – look no further than Green.”

On its first day, Gibbs announced an ambitious goal of launching Green PowerPay on July 4, 2022 in London. “We will be rebranding on July 4th.The tenth As a global holiday – Energy Independence Day.

Rather than memorializing past conflicts, let us focus on avoiding all future wars. War in the modern world is a struggle over energy resources. Renewable energy sources, such as solar energy, can reduce or eliminate dependence on fossil fuels. Conflicts between nations are closely related. Closely controlled to controlling natural energy sources. Green has a unique opportunity and responsibility to save millions of lives by leading a global shift away from fossil fuels. Imagine that, saving the planet, and saving lives.”

about green

The Green Blockchain project was launched by a community of developers in July of 2016. The Green Smart Node enables operators to earn GREEN, a digital reward issued to compensate node operators for contributing electricity, connectivity and computational resources to verify blockchain transactions on the green grid. PowerPay, an exclusive green blockchain, enables individuals who earn Green to pay for energy consumption using GREEN.

Green is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with more than 7,000 active decentralized nodes in more than 30 countries. Governance for green is provided by community consensus.

Green digital rewards are not available for purchase from Green. They are digital rewards that are earned for working and working on the Green Network. The digital bonus is designed to be beneficial on the green platform. A digital bonus is not an investment product and may never have any value outside of a green platform. Green node owners should not expect to recognize any value from the digital reward other than its usefulness with Green.

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