ClearVue and Nodis participate in the USAF's evaluation of energy-generating smart window technologies - Business Wire

ClearVue and Nodis participate in the USAF’s evaluation of energy-generating smart window technologies – Business Wire

Perth, Australia and New York – (work wire) – Smart Building Materials Company ClearVue Technologies Limited (ASX: CPV OTC: CVUEF) is pleased to announce that it has participated in an evaluation with Nodis Pte Ltd for a compact interchangeable (or configurable) window solution for the United States Air Force.

The two companies have signed a cooperation agreement for the purposes of exploring ongoing joint opportunities with the U.S. Air Force including contracts to supply smart windows, as detailed below.

Initial collaboration discussions between ClearVue and Nodis began in March 2018. In early 2021, Nodis began evaluation with the USAF to demonstrate the first concept solution combining Nodis’ TruTintTM Convertible film with ClearVue PV window deployed in a building operated by the US Air Force’s Civil Engineering Center. The first demonstration of this was shown to the US Air Force on May 6, 2021.

Nodis is a world leader in the development of a pioneering dynamic switchable glass technology that uses a dipole nanoparticle suspension system (or DNPS) to create an optical shutter system to prevent light transmission through the glass. Nodis product, marketed as TruTintTM, uses color-coated nanoparticles, which are suspended in microscopic wells within a nano-printed film and sandwiched between two sheets of glass. Electrical power is delivered to every aspect of the conductive film coating to create a low-cost, instantly interchangeable piece of smart glass with endless tints and colors. By combining film layers containing red, green and blue nanoparticles to create low energy, flexible digital displays can also be delivered within conventional window glass.

Nodis has also participated in a separate experiment with Ohio State University’s Center for Design and Manufacturing (CDME) and the US Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Modification (SBRD) Supply Base Resilience and Diversification (SBRD) program to explore and develop “camouflage glass” for potential deployment in DoD “combatants”. In this experiment, Nodis smart glass technology is used to create glass that adapts to its environment – acting as an active camouflage.

The first stage of evaluation has been completed

The first stage of the evaluation involved the installation of several Nodis TruTintTM One ClearVue PV smart glazing window implements a PV smart glazing unit in an evaluation being performed at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida, USA ( Nodis TruTintTM Smart glass film was used to control the tint level and thus the amount of light and infrared rays entering the USAF building, with the Nodis window control system controlled using IoT and powerline communication technologies.

As part of a phase one evaluation, Nodis monitored the PV performance of a smart glass panel assembled through a solar-powered charge controller that charges a battery that enables the autonomous smart glass to operate. The performance of the smart photovoltaic glass continues to be monitored day in and day out via remote monitoring.

The second phase of evaluation has now begun

The second phase of the evaluation began in November 2021, but will now add four additional ClearVue PV power generation windows in association with Nodis’ TruTint.TM Movie. The additional ClearVue units were delivered during April 2022 and are expected to be deployed to Tyndall Air Force Base in June 2022, with testing and evaluation completed in August 2022, along with final evaluation and reporting shortly thereafter.

Following a successful Phase II evaluation by the USAF, Nodis will seek commercial participation for Phase III Nodis and ClearVue to supply smart windows and glass for upcoming USAF construction projects.

Signing a cooperation agreement

ClearVue and Nodis entered into a Collaboration Agreement on May 27, 2022 that defines the criteria for commercial participation (Stage 3) and more generally.

The cooperation agreement sets the terms for cooperation in the joint promotion and development of ClearVue’s IGU PV module and smart solar window solutions together with Nodis’ TruTintTM Dynamic transferable movie.

Under the terms of the Collaboration Agreement, ClearVue and Nodis will work together to:

  • Complete a Phase 2 assessment demonstrating a common product (prototype(s) combining intellectual property and both Nodis and ClearVue technologies) prior to conducting current proof-of-concept demonstrations and creating a product in a commercial format in line with both parties’ agreed project plan (commercial form(s)); And the

  • continue discussions to establish a commercial supply agreement where one party will supply the other for inclusion in a joint end product to provide the USAF (or other customers) with windows as part of Phase 3; or

  • Alternatively, introduce a joint venture or other arrangement where the two parties’ products and technologies are combined into a single end product based on the initial business model(s), which the two parties can promote together.

Commenting on the Cooperation Agreement, ClearVue CEO, Victor Rosenberg He said:

“The Nodis TruTintTM The product is at the forefront of the smart glass industry and is well suited for ClearVue’s photovoltaic glazing solution. The Nodis bipolar nanoparticle-suspended dynamic vitrification solution requires power within the IGU or window to operate the control systems for glass switching and opacity, and to operate and maintain the state change in the Nodis DNP layer—which we have already demonstrated together during a Phase 1 evaluation with the USAF. So far, the combined Nodis and ClearVue solution has demonstrated the benefits of both solutions for the US Air Force: energy savings and power generation providing a clear impact on sustainability and a path toward Net Zero. The next step is to complete the second phase of the US Air Force evaluation with Nodis and then expand and commercialize the joint product For potential sales to the US Air Force and others. “

Commenting on the Cooperation Agreement, Nodis CEO, Michael Holt He said:

“The ClearVue PV IGU solution has proven to be well suited for use in local power provisioning of Nodis’ TruTintTM smart glass film Obtaining power for windows, especially in retrofitted applications, has been historically difficult and expensive. A Nodis TruTintTM The DNP glazing system is integrated with ClearVue PV and battery and can be deployed without the need for wiring to the window. When wired, our solution also uses power line control in the windows themselves which removes the over-the-air hacking risks inherent in wireless control methods using WiFi, Bluetooth or other communication protocols. We look forward to working with ClearVue upon completion of our customer evaluations, and then, subject to their success, we look forward to working with ClearVue to explore licensing and sales opportunities together under the new collaboration agreement and further formal agreements that will follow. “

The company looks forward to a market update on the assessment with the US Air Force and progress under the cooperation agreement.

Certified by the ClearVue Technologies Limited Board of Directors.


Nodis’ TruTintTM Smart Glass technology allows the glass to instantly switch from clear to opaque and any tint or color in between. This allows for precise control of light, glare and infrared rays which increases the building’s energy efficiency and livability while turning any piece of glass into a transparent screen. TruTint can reduce electricity use and greenhouse gas emissions by 40%, and is able to significantly reduce a building’s energy costs. Increased natural light while controlling glare and infrared has been shown to improve productivity and mood while reducing headaches and eye strain. TruTint’s revolutionary nanoparticle film is 10 times lower cost to produce and incorporate into the manufacture of new glass or aftermarket glass products.

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ClearVue Technologies Limited (ASX: CPV) is an Australian technology company operating in the integrated building photovoltaic (BPIV) sector which involves incorporating solar technology into rooftops, specifically glass and building facades, to provide renewable energy. ClearVue has developed advanced glazing technology that aims to preserve the transparency of the glass to preserve the aesthetics of the building while generating electricity.

ClearVue’s power generation glazing technology is strategically positioned to complement, and make more compelling, the increasing use of energy efficient windows now being regulated in response to global climate change and energy efficiency goals.

Solar photovoltaic cells are incorporated around the edges of the insulated glass unit (IGU) used in windows, and the IGU’s inter-glass lamination interlayer incorporates ClearVue’s patented ClearVue nano and microparticles, as well as its selective spectroscopic coating on the back exterior of the IGU.

ClearVue window technology has application for use in the building and construction and agricultural industries (among other things).

ClearVue worked closely with leading experts from the Electronic Science Research Institute, Edith Cowan University (ECU) in Perth, Western Australia to develop the technology.

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