Electricity restored in Sargodha roundabout after heavy rain - Business Recorder

Electricity restored in Sargodha roundabout after heavy rain – Business Recorder

Faisalabad: In the wake of thunderstorms and heavy rains in various areas of Sargodha district including Shahpur, Joharabad, Nashtarabad, Kot Farid, Jhwaran, Silanwali, Bhagtanwala, Sahiwal, consumers had to face power outages due to the accumulation of banners, and cracking of HT poles, LT poles and power lines.

Because of this position, CEO (CEO) Engr. Bashir Ahmed immediately arrived in Sargodha and personally monitored the restoration of electricity in the affected areas.

Instructed Supervising Engineer (SE) Sargodha Circle Shahbaz Ahmed, Executive Engineers (XENs), Sub-Division Officers (SDOs) and Operational Personnel to repair HT and LT lines, replace damaged electricity poles and transformers in emergency situations, while maintaining the principle of safety first in their mind.

Once the storm stopped, operations crews began repair work and electricity was back in 80% of the area by 6 a.m. while work continued in other areas. Later the energy was 100% restored in all areas.

CEO of FESCO Engr. Bashir Ahmed commended the officers and workers of Sargodha Department for restoring the electricity to different areas of the department in record time, and directed them to keep the same spirit in mind in the future where customer service should be their motto.

In light of the directives of the Prime Minister of Pakistan and Secretary of the Ministry of Energy (Department of Energy), Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company (FESCO) is facilitating consumers through WhatsApp groups.

In this regard, WhatsApp facilitation groups of 10,748 FESCO officers and officials have been formed across the region who go door to door in their respective sub-districts to get WhatsApp numbers of customers and also provide their numbers to consumers. That they can immediately help them to solve any electrical related problem.

To date, FESCO facilitators have collected data on 1.756 million consumers, or 43% of all consumers. With the help of these WhatsApp groups, users are informed about load management, malfunctions and power outages and consumers will be able to report to their facilitator about issues related to electricity.

Based on the special directives of the FESCO Board of Directors (BODs), the Quality Assurance, Environment and Health Safety Committee (HSE & QA), the Health Safety and Environment Department of FESCO, has launched a public safety awareness campaign for the prevention of electric shock, fire and lightning strikes in buildings/yards.

During the campaign, the public was introduced to the electrical grounding/earthing system and was also informed that it is the process of instantaneous flow through a path of low resistance to maximum current within the least possible time. Grounding in buildings/yards is absolutely necessary to protect human life from the risk of electric shock or death and to protect the building, machinery and equipment in the event of anything going wrong.

Consumers have also been directed to keep all non-essential metallic appliances and wires away from electrical installations.

FESCO has instructed that causes of electrical fire hazards include use of undersized wires/switches in wiring, use of over-rated fuses, use of extension cords on a regular basis, substandard circuits, use of circuit breakers, and switches. / plugs etc, use a wooden distribution box instead of the metal one and put wires under carpets, mats, doors, etc.

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