Pacific Power will be one of the participants in

Pacific Power seeks to raise interest rates for resident customers by 14% – Statesman Journal

Pacific Power will be one of the participants in

Some Pacific Power customers may see their energy bills increase by 14% if a proposed plan by the company is approved.

In the plan submitted to the state, the utilities are requesting an $84 million annual increase in rates for customers in Oregon, an increase of 6.8%. But this increase will affect different types of customers in different ways.

The average housing bill is $91.89 for customers in single-family homes using 900 kWh per month. The company’s demand will increase that to $104.90 per month. That would be a 14.2% increase.

Also, multifamily homes that use an average of 600 kilowatts per month will see their bills increase by $6.97 per month, an 11% increase, under the proposal.

Knowledge Murphy, Multnomah County’s sustainability coordinator, testified at the state’s public comment session on Tuesday, “A significant increase in Pacific Power’s bill could break customers’ budgets.”

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