WEC Energy Group is asking government regulators to increase electricity prices in 2023. This means an increase of $5 to $6 for the average resident customer.

We Energies, WPS Want to Increase Rates from $60 to $72 per Year for the Average Residential Customer Starting in 2023 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

WEC Energy Group is seeking government regulatory approval to increase its electricity rates between 5% and 6%, or about $60 to $72, for the typical residential customer, starting in 2023.

The increase will affect We Energes and WPS customers. The last time WEC Energy Group requested a price increase was in 2019.

The average We Energies residential customer currently pays about $109 per month, up about 14% from 2011.

The average WPS customer pays about $92 per month, up about 19% from 2011. The national average is $122 per month.

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“Even with that demand, when you look at us, versus our peers, even with that demand, our bills would still be below the national average and in line with the Midwest average,” said Burt Garvin, executive vice president of foreign affairs. Interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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