How the price of electricity in South Africa compares to those around the world - Business Insider South Africa

How the price of electricity in South Africa compares to those around the world – Business Insider South Africa

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  • If Eskom achieves what it wants, South Africa will soon need to acquire more electricity.
  • But even if they get the required increase of 20.5%, the price of electricity in the country is average compared to the counterparts around the world.
  • Calculating the average price of electricity in South Africa, not to mention countries around the world, is complicated.
  • But some online resources have given her a chance, and assuming her calculations are a reliable metric, the price of electricity in South Africa isn’t that bad.
  • Electricity here is more expensive than in our neighboring countries, even the ones we save.
  • But it is much cheaper than some other countries, including Peru, Gabon, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.
  • Here’s how electricity prices compare in South Africa.
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If Eskom has its way, South Africa will have to pay soon Much more for electricity. Although if the price increase were approved it would probably secure South Africa’s position at the top of the electricity price table in South Africa, it is still far from the most expensive in the world if the online sources can be trusted.

Calculating the average price of electricity in South Africa is quite complicated in itself – and doing it for the rest of the world is even more complicated. But the Global Economy Online Project founded by Neven Valev claims to do so with relative accuracy. Valev’s online chart found at global gasoline prices The website lists prices for homes and businesses in more than 100 countries and includes all the items on your electric bill, including “the cost of distribution and power, various fees and taxes related to the environment and fuel costs.”

According to Valev data collected in June of last year, the average price of electricity in South Africa is 2.558 rand per kWh. This is about 45 cents more than the world average of 2.109 rand per kilowatt-hour.

Although the complexity of Eskom’s pricing structure, and differences due to factors such as consumption habits and location, make getting an accurate price nearly impossible, this average rate is suitable for comparing global trends. Other countries’ prices on the chart, in general, also check.

How does it compare to South Africa

According to Valev’s global economy project rate of 2.558 rand per kWh, the price of electricity in South Africa is average compared to the rest of the world. It is also more than half the most expensive world price for electricity.

In most neighboring countries, even those to which South Africa supplies electricity, it is generally much cheaper.

It is generally much more expensive than other developing countries and BRICS countries.

But compared to anywhere else in the world, we don’t get much success. lists Sudan, Libya, Iran and Lebanon as the cheapest countries in the world to buy kilowatt-hours of electricity – each less than R1 per kilowatt-hour.

Countries that charge more than R4 per kWh include the Bahamas, Cyprus, Ireland, Venezuela, Jamaica and Cape Verde. And the upper end of the graph, where electricity costs about twice what it does in South Africa, are mostly European countries such as the United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, Germany and the island nations of the Cayman Islands and Bermuda.

Here’s how electricity prices in South Africa compare to electricity prices around the world:

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