Australia's Best Green Energy Providers in 2021 -

Australia’s Best Green Energy Providers in 2021 –

While Australia continues to include fossil fuels in its energy mix, renewables are on the rise. And Australian consumers appear to be following the lead in the industry, with our nation remaining a world leader in uptake of solar installation, according to CSIRO.

But whether you use solar panels to help power your home or consider your energy provider with carbon offset initiatives to help counter your home emissions, you’ll need to find an affordable green energy plan that fits your needs.

This is where the Mozo Experts Choice Energy Awards come in. Each year our team of expert analysts conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the energy plans available to home and small business customers. In 2021, we evaluated 842 products from 47 energy retailers, with award categories dedicated to solar-friendly electricity and green electricity plans.

“The concept of ‘green’ or eco-friendly energy is a complex one,” said Muzo expert judge Peter Marshall.

“When a plan is awarded in the Solar Friendly Electricity category, it is recognized for providing more affordable energy to those homes that use existing solar panels.

“For the Green Electricity Awards, plans are again evaluated based on price, but providers must only meet renewable generation standards, provide carbon offsetting programs or participate in the government-run GreenPower scheme.”

Because energy prices vary depending on the state’s distributor regions, plans in the different states and territories we evaluate have been awarded for our awards (which include Tasmania, NSW, Victoria, ACT, South Australia and South East Queensland).

You can find all the winners for specific states on the Residential Energy Awards and Small Business Energy Awards pages. Before you check it out, find a more comprehensive summary below of how we evaluate the green and solar-friendly electricity plans, as well as a few of the major winners.

Best green electricity plans

To qualify for the Green Electricity Awards, energy providers had to tick two boxes while keeping the price competitive. They can only generate or buy renewable energy, promise to offset any energy customers use by purchasing carbon credits, or offer 100% GreenPower*.

The housing winners

Our jury compared the different products available in Australia and found four companies – Nectr, simply energy, local energy And the energy radians Offer the cheapest green electricity plans across the states we evaluated.

Our cost calculation was based on residential energy use across three low, medium and high household energy use scenarios. Assumptions for these levels were based on industry standards currently published by Australian power regulator (AER).

Small Business Winners

In the Green Electricity Small Business category, three suppliers received awards. Simply Energy and Domestic Energy And the energy radians You have some of the cheapest options available for a small to medium business. Simply Energy was a standout contender, winning three states for this category.

Since AER does not publish standards for averages for small business clients, our experts have chosen and tested the assumed electricity usage of 20,000 kWh/year to evaluate their small business pricing.

Best Solar Energy Friendly Electricity Plans

To win the Solar Friendly Electricity Award, the plans were evaluated against various assumptions and criteria, including the necessity of having solar panels located in homes or commercial buildings.

The research team considered the cost of drawing electricity from the grid, assuming that a certain percentage of a household or company’s energy needs would be met by solar-generated power. He also considered feed-in tariff rates for selling excess power to the grid, with all the surplus being sold rather than held in battery storage.

The housing winners

Specifically when looking at solar-friendly residential electricity schemes, our analysts assumed that 50% of the energy generated by solar energy was used by the household, and the rest is sold to the grid. The main winners in this category include Elysian Energy, Discover Energy And the energy booster, among other things. ReAmped has also been awarded the Mozo Retailer of Residential Electricity Award for the second year in a row.

Small Business Winners

According to the Mozo Experts Choice jury, solar-friendly electricity retailers should be on your shortlist if you have a small business that uses solar panels. providers like Alenta EnergyAnd the Simply Energy And the first energy Among others it has been found to offer some of the cheapest solar products friendly to medium small business. In our calculations, the research team assumed that the solar power generation capacity of small businesses was twice that of resident customers.

For the full list of winners based on the state you live in and more details on how other award categories are calculated, read the Mozo Experts Choice Energy Awards Methodology Report.

* GreenPower is a government approved scheme where individuals and businesses can pay a little extra to help push more energy produced from renewable sources into the grid.

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