Who is my gas and electricity provider?  - Consultant for Forbes UK - Forbes

Who is my gas and electricity provider? – Consultant for Forbes UK – Forbes

When moving to a new property, we generally expect to find a supply of gas and electricity. But how do you know which resource it comes from?

Discover is the first step. This means that you can:

  • Get invoices in your name
  • Find out about the energy tariff
  • Look into the switch to get a better deal

Even if you’ve lived in your home for a while, you may still need to refresh your memory about the company that supplies you with gas and electricity. When you manage many different bills and payments, it can be very easy to lose track.

Here’s how to find out who you are as a first step to making sure you’re on the best deals.

Not sure about your current suppliers?

If you already have gas and electric accounts set up at your current address, you should receive bills and letters from your service provider either by mail or email, so try to get your hands on a recent letter or paper bill.

If everything is on the Internet, look in your email inbox for bills or correspondence from your gas and electric companies. From there, it’s easy to log into your account online.

What to do if you are moving to a new property

If you are moving into a rental property, talk to the landlord, agent or previous tenant to see if they can shed some light on the energy supplier(s). If it’s a dual fuel deal, they’ll both be from the same supplier. But, equally, gas and electricity can come from different suppliers.

If you’re buying your new home, the realtor should have these details, or be able to get them from the seller.

What do you do with the “Dear Occupier” speech

You can arrive at your new home to find a “Dear Occupant” letter from the company that supplied the previous occupant. You will almost certainly receive one of these messages if the previous tenant or owner informs the gas or electric company that they are moving.

These papers should specify details about your gas and electricity supplier.

Do not ignore these letters. You should read it and contact the relevant companies at the earliest opportunity.

What is happening in the UK energy market?

There are currently no power deals priced below standard tariffs, so we have temporarily suspended our conversion service.

What else can I do to find out?

If there is no letter from the power company, and if your conversations with landlords, agents, or real estate agents have come up empty, there are other steps you can take.

with the Find my supplier Service, you can find out who your gas provider is by searching the database on the Internet. This tool will also provide you with details about your gas carrier and Measurement Point Reference Number (MPRN). This number tells your power supply where your meter is, as well as your gas supply number.

Simply type in your address and the search should return relevant information.

If you prefer to do this over the phone, you can contact the Meter Point Management Service at 0870608 1524.

To find out which company supplies you with electricity, you can use Online Tool for Power Grid Association.

Simply type in your zip code, and you will get the name and number of your electricity network operator (as well as your gas network operator).

If you call your power grid operator at the general inquiries number provided, they should be able to tell you the name of your electricity provider.

How is a power starter different from a supplier?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your network operator (or distributor) is the same as your supplier.

Your operator owns and operates equipment, such as wires and pipes, that connects the network to your property. The supplier charges you for the energy you use.

You can contact your power grid distributor if there is a power outage, if you need to report a gas leak, or if you need to get a power connection in a new building. You should also contact the dealer if you need to be included in the Priority Services Register – a free support service to help people in vulnerable situations.

You cannot choose your distributor, but you can switch your supplier. Likewise, if you have a question regarding your energy bill, you can’t ask your distributor – you have to talk to your supplier.

How can I find out which tariff I am using?

After you know the companies that supply you with gas and electricity, you can then talk to those companies to find out what tariff you are currently using.

You’ll need to hand these details over if you want to switch to a more competitive deal.

If you’ve just moved into a new home, the supplier will likely have put you on a “default” rate known as the Standard Variable Tariff (SVT). If so, you should look to switch up ASAP, as SVTs tend to be among the most expensive on the market.

While the power regulator Ofgem operates a price cap to limit how much companies can charge customers at their default rates, you can usually save more by switching.

The good news is that you don’t have to pay an exit penalty – also known as a “cancellation fee” – to get away with an SVT.

Make the switch to a better deal

If you haven’t changed providers before, the idea can seem a little intimidating.

But with an energy price comparison service, the process is quick and straightforward.

You’ll need to know who supplies you with gas and electricity, what tariffs you’re currently using, and how much energy you’re using. Your usage can be found on a recent invoice. If you do not know these details, you can give a best estimate.

Once you do a search, you’ll see a list of cheap electricity or gas deals from a range of suppliers based on your address and usage. And there can be savings of hundreds of pounds each year.

You can filter to compare by price but also by tariff type and “green” supplier credentials.

When you choose the deal you want to move into, it’s up to the new companies to organize the transfer.

The switch should not take more than 21 days to complete. And you don’t have to worry about a supply interruption because you’ll still get the same electricity and gas through the same wires and pipes – just your bills will be cheaper.

What is happening in the UK energy market?

There are currently no power deals priced below standard tariffs, so we have temporarily suspended our conversion service.

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